Xpand Life

Xpand  Life is a relux privilege that has been developed to meet all your needs for both your business and private life and provides optimum use in common areas.

"Expand Life"

With the motto “Expand your life”, Xpandlife increases your living units in line with your needs.

In our relux project, even if you have a 1+0 studio office or flat, a completely different world awaits you and your loved ones on the xpandlife floor.

Meeting room

All kinds of business meetings, crowded sales seminars or presentation meetings…

Specially equipped plug&play meeting rooms are waiting for you.

All at your fingertips

Or a private movie theater the size of your house? A play station game room where you can spend the mornings with your friends and enjoy it to the fullest? Or a painting and art workshop that will bring out the painter in you?..

Gusto room

A specially equipped kitchen awaits you, where you can make new tastings, show off your cooking skills to your friends, and entertain your guests with your meals.

All as you dreamed…

And of course, without paying any additional fee. That’s what we call xpandlife “expand your life”

Fitness room

Sweating on the treadmill or spinning for an hour at the gym right below your office during your lunch break… Fast, effective, time-saving…

I’m ready to work again.

Cinema room

A cinema hall the size of your house… You closed the cinema for your friends, with its specially equipped audio & video systems and seating area… You took your popcorn and enjoyed yourself…

And you did it all in the lower floor of your house…

Silent room

When you need high concentration and a quiet working environment, or when you want to grab a book from the library and finish it in one go…

Silent Room “silent room” is just for you.


Çocuklarınız için özel üretilmiş alanlar. Hijyenik ve güvenli bir ortam. Özel oyuncaklar ve kişisel gelişim setleriyle çocukların yaratıcılıklarını arttırabilecekleri özenle tasarlanmış bir zone.

All in one place

A sales seminar for 50 people in a 30m2 office?
Or a presentation meeting with 30 participants?…
Sweating on the treadmill for an hour during lunch break?

Play room

Making a small bet with friends during lunch break… A play station match or a quick rematch in table tennis in the game room specially designed for you below…


Formu doldurun, sizi arayalım ve ilgili proje hakkında bilgilendirelim. Dilerseniz satış ofisimizde sizi ağırlamak için hemen randevu talebinizi oluşturalım.